Jeff Koons - Balloon Dog (Magenta) Sale

As a part of his "Celebration" series, Jeff Koons created "Balloon Dogs" for the first time in 1993. They have now become iconic in the contemporary art world, with his 10 foot tall Balloon Dog auctioned for $58.4 million.

“I’ve always enjoyed balloon animals because they’re like us,” Koons has said about the series, “We’re balloons. You take a breath and you inhale, it’s an optimism. You exhale, and it’s kind of a symbol of death.”

Materials: Porcelain with chromatic coating

Size: 26.6 x 26.5 x 12.7 cm

Year: 2015

Editions: 2300
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Artist: Jeff Koons

Type: Limited Editions

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Jeff Koons - Balloon Dog (Magenta)