4 Contemporary Korean Artists to Watch

4 Contemporary Korean Artists to Watch

Hello and welcome to the inaugural issue of The Sunday Selection, presented by The Kash Collection.

For this first edition, I wanted to focus on a few of my favorite Korean artists. Since I moved to Singapore in 2017, I've been consistently impressed by the quality of work by Korean artists and consistently disappointed by the lack of attention they receive.

Below, you'll find four works which will hopefully change the way you think about contemporary Asian art.

"Force of Nature" by Jae Ko



Jae Ko's works are monumental and breathtaking, but what I find most impressive is the way she's able to take a 2D material (paper) and give it this voluminous 3D body. For me, this work evokes the anxiety of the overwhelming wave of work so many workers have on their desk.


"Perfect Home" by Do Ho Suh



In this series, Do Ho Suh recreates important spaces in his life using string and translucent cloth. To me, these works speak to the hazy, delicate quality of memory. Our experiences of spaces are inherently ephemeral, despite the solid concrete of the space itself. This series does an impeccable of bringing that reality to life.


"The Dreamer" by Xooang Choi


Xooang specializes in miniature sculptures, typically around 20mm in height. His works tend to focus on the ways in which existence can put us in a vegetative state. In this beautiful work, the subject's body remains flacid as their mind and personality have gone up in smoke.


"String Mirror" by Hong Sung Chul


In these works, the artist uses hundreds of dyed elastic strings to compose something between a sculpture and a photograph. The works have depth and a sense of nervous energy from the way the skills are being pulled apart.

From the Community:

Each week, I'll showcase an artist from within The Kash Collection community.

This week, I'm pleased to share these lovely surreal photos by The Kash Collection insider Rachel Nieborg! Her latest images continue to explore the purity of being: unmasking while being vulnerable and noble all at once.


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